The Cheese Hub

The Cheese Hub is based at the Food Hub, Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim. The business was established in 2012 to provide a artisan contract cheese ripening and maturing service to the expanding farmhouse cheese market in Ireland.

  • The Cheese Hub uses traditional hand made techniques to mature cheese for the premium hand made cheese market.The Cheese Hub - where cheese matures
  • The maturing technique includes “cave aged” dry rind” “oiled Skin” and waxing alternatives for the increasing cheese market.
  • All maturing units are temperature and moisture controlled to ensure quality and in the cheese
  • The Cheese Hub offers a complete cutting and packaging options.

Business Rationale

The Cheese Hub offers a cost effective solution to the following:

  • The growing numbers of cheese producers the who wish to concentrate on cheese production to outsource the labour intensive and space demanding ripening & maturing and cutting & packaging functions that for single producers are cost prohibitive.
  • Farmers whom have excess milk or want to trial a cheese idea without the infrastructure costs.
  • Distribution solution where a number of different artisan cheese can be matured and packaged centrally for efficient distribution.