Current Business

The Cheese Hub has been contracted by Irish Organic Milk Producers Ltd, the national product development and marketing body for 14 organic milk farmers who supply 75% of the organic milk in Ireland to provide sole subcontract ripening & maturing and cutting & packaging to their cheese division. Under the brand – the Little Milk Company they are launching a premium quality, raw milk Organic Cheddar Cheese on the Irish and UK markets.The Cheese Hub - where cheese matures

Initially The Cheese Hub are concentrating on maturing Cheddar Cheese in their principle maturing rooms. It plan are to devolve a series of maturing rooms to facilitate other cheese and are keen to offer bespoke cheese maturing solutions.

Cheese Maturing

Hard cheeses such as cheddar cheese requires maturation as ageing a cheese enhances its flavour ( a young cheese will be matured for 3 months while a vintage cheese requires a minimum of 9 months maturation and this ripeness is prized). Hard cheeses need to matured in an aging room known as a cave which needs to hold a consistent temperature and have a natural dampness. The shelves in aging caves are traditionally made from wood allowing the cheese to breath naturally and provides and facilitates a more sanitary surface.The Cheese Hub

While the volume cheese producers fast track maturation by using plastic cheese maturing bags, the superior traditional method of wrapping cheese in cheese cloths and hand turning each cheese wheel every second day is where The Cheese Hub will champion it’s market niche addressing the reluctance of small producers to increase production as they do not have the space or time to commit to this high level of ‘after care’.

Cutting and packaging

The Cheese Hub will provide cheese wrapping services to artisan cheese producers who wish to provide authentic traditional packaging looks to stand out from the plastic volume producers. This will involve cutting cheese wheels to different sizes and offering hand wrap or vac pack options depending on customer demand.

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